About JUMBO’S Clown Room…

About JUMBO'S Clown Room

Born in 1970, the legend of Jumbo’s Clown Room continues to grow. Pole dancing. Rock & Roll. One mission: clown around.

10 Things:

1 Jumbo’s Clown Room – family owned and operated in the original location. Best place in Hollywood to goof off since 1970, switched to pole dancing in 1982 and never looked back.

2 No cover – We’d rather you get a stiff drink and some singles. You’re about to have your eyes full.

3 Stiff drinks – always a generous pour, and another reason why it’s not called Stingy’s Clown Room.

4 Tipping – it’s appreciated, common tipping etiquette is tossing a buck or two on stage per song.

5 Touching – keep your hands to yourself, thanks.

6 Music – it’s mainly 80’s hits and rock music. There’s no skeazy DJ, the dancers just pick what they want to dance to outta the jukebox. Chances are you’ll be into it too.

7 Lap dances – they’re available. You ask, we don’t. Just talk to the dancer you like.

8 No nudity – why’s there no nudity? Cause you can get a real drink. See number 3.

9 Little bar – look, it’s not stripper Costco. It’s an intimate atmosphere, everyone hangs out and has fun.

10 Alternative – you won’t find cookie-cutter “strippers” here. Most are classically trained dancers with tats / piercings / whip-smarts / silver tongues.

That’s it, come have fun.